December 2014
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Bertrice Small

The Silk Merchant's Daughters

Book I/Penguin Group

Once James Leslie and Jasmine de Marisco had shared a night of unforgettable To save her family from blackmail Bianca agrees to wed the most notorious man in Renaissance Florence. He is Sebastiano Rovere, whose taste for pervision makes her life unbearable. Only his shocking murder frees Bianca from the grip of this monster. But her love for an Ottoman prince will not be tolerated by Florentine society. Bianca is forces to flee with her lover. Will she at last find happiness?

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Book II/Penguin Group

Bianca's younger sister has been disappointed by love, and now no man pleases her. She has made her suitors figures of fun that has all of Florence laughing at them. Sent off to a small duchy as a possible bride for the duke's son, Francesca runs off into the forest when chosen rather than marry. Lost, she is rescued by a kindly innkeeper who promises to put her on the road to Florence if she will be her servant for the winter months. Having no choice the proud girl agrees. But honest work is a revelation to Francesca, and while at the inn she falls in love with a huntsman. But the duke's son will have his chosen bride, and no other. Can they find happiness together? And what of the huntman who loves Francesca?

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