July 2014
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Bertrice Small

JULY 2014

My dear Readers and Friends:

I do apologize for not posting a new newsletter since Spring, and here it is July! Sometimes my life gets away from me. I suspect that happens to all of us now and again. Let me reassure you that I feel fine, and am writing. However I do have Multiple Myaloma which my mother suffered from, and am on dyalisis 3 times a week. I'm getting a laptop so I can work while I'm at the dyalisis center. I've been being lazy, and enjoying daytime TV which I normally don't watch. I particularly like "The Chew". LOL! What does that say about me?

Actually my life has been quite uneventful. I will not be able to attend RWA's convention, being held this year in Texas, to receive the Lifetime Achievement Award they have honored me with. My good friend, and fellow author, Thea Divine, will accept for me. It is very disappointing for me not to be able to go. I like Texas, and I always enjoy being with other authors, and encouraging "Aspirerings". I hope they know that I am with them in spirit.

Tom and family are doing nicely. Evan is in day camp, and Sophia is getting ready to head off to "our" camp in Vermont. Poor Cora is now aged out, and not old enough yet to be an assistant counselor. She is very disappointed, but I've told her she'll make more clothes money waitressing this summer. At almost 16 she is able to work. Chandler has "officially" graduated high school, but still has part of a course to finish, and remains at his school this summer to do so.

As you see life is not very "exciting" for your most faithful author right now. Oh well. I suppose that's life for everyone, even people who write novels. LOL! Did I mention that our Sylvester went off to that great cat house in the sky? Our new male cat is an orange fellow we - i.e. Tom - named "Clark". Clark survived such a tough beginning - he's 4 - that Tom felt Superman's given name was most appropriate. I couldn't disagree. He's now learning - slowly I might add - to get on with my 2 girls. Delilah and Fiona aren't certain about him at all. LOL! Eventually they will all come to some sort of agreement. As long as no one physically fights I stay out of it.

And on that note I will close as there is nothing more to say. God bless, and much good reading from your most faithful author,

Bertrice Small

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