September 2014
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Bertrice Small


My dear Readers and Friends:

Summer will not officially end for 3 more weeks, but in the meantime I must clear up some confusion regarding the final book in The Silk Merchant's Daughters series. Normally I deliver my manuscript in August, and the book is published a year later in October. I have always been 100% reliable, and NAL, my publisher, knew it could count on me. However I have been ill. Nothing major, but unfortunately time consuming. I did not deliver a manuscript last year, and so there will be no book from me this year. Not to worry. Serena's tale is almost written now, and will be to you sometime next year. When I know, you will know.

I have put my house up for sale, and will be moving back to our old house to be with Tom and my grandchildren. Keeping up 2 houses has become too difficult with the taxes here. I am looking forward to being "home" again. When I bought the old house back in the late 1970s the down payment was my first royalty check, and so I have always referred to that purchase as "the house that LOVE WILD AND FAIR bought". LOL!

The kids start school September 3rd. Chandler will be taking courses at the local community college, and working. It was his choice not to go away to a large college as he isn't certain what he wants to do. Hope he figures it out sooner than later. Cora will be a junior in high school. Sophia is starting 6th grade. Evan is in 3rd grade this year. Can't believe I have a college aged grandchild. It just seems like yesterday I was getting Tom ready to go off to college. And speaking of Tom I am very proud to say he is a terrific single father to his brood. They all adore him which naturally pleases me.

The summer here in the northeast has been lovely. No heat waves or awful humidity. Still the Autumn is my favorite season, and I am looking forward to it as I always do. October has always been my favorite month of the year.

And on that note I will close as there is nothing of interest left for me to say. Enjoy September with its last bit of summer. God bless and good reading from your most faithful author,

Bertrice Small

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