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Bertrice Small

Bertrice's Blog

March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day to all. I'll be having my usual corned beef and boiled vegie dinner today. Or perhaps just a corned beef sandwich and a beer. The Irish of course eat lamb on this day. But we all eat soda bread. I love the kind with currants best. The parade in NYC used to come up 5th Avenue to 96th St. My family lived right off of 5th on 96th. My maternal grandmother always watched the parade from her bedroom window waving to all her friends. Nice memory to have. Then they decided to bring the parade up only to 86th St. and there it ended for many years in the Yorkville section of Manhattan which was filled with Irish and German bars and grills. This morning I learned that the recession has hit the parade. It will only come up as far as East 79th Street. Does no one believe in tradition any more? But it is a lovely day for the parade; sunny, mild, and should be in the low 60s by parade time. The warmest it's ever been on St. Patrick's Day for the parade was 75 degrees. The coldest? 9 degrees in 1917. Glad I wasn't marching in that one! LOL! And on a final note. Did you know that a glass of Guinness has less calories than a glass of skim milk? And is healthier for you! I swear it's true so you have no excuse not to have a bit of Guinness to celebrate. Hope your day is a wonderful one where ever you may be.

~ Bertrice

March 11, 2011

There are times when I am not a good loser, and this is unfortunately one of them. Once again RWA has ignored and overlooked your most faithful author in the matter of their Lifetime Achievement Award. Mind you my annoyance is not in any way directed at the 2011 winner of LTA. She is certainly worthy. But I am worthier by virtue of my work, my length of time in the publishing industry, and let's face it, my history as one of the 7 women, known as the Avon Ladies, who were responsible for the rebirth of Romance Literature waaay back in the 1970s. Without us, and the phenomenom we created romance would still be confined to little Harlequins and dear old Barbara Cartland. We are the antecedents of all of today's romance authors.

As of October 2011 I will have 53 full length novels and 4 novellas to my credit. I have been in print since 1978. I have been a NYTimes bestselling author since 1980. I held the #1 spot on the WaldenBooks Trade Romance List for as long as they were in business. I have appeared on the bestseller lists of Publishers Weekly, USA Today, the LATimes etc. I have won a lot of awards for my work.

I know better than to listen to other people, and yet I did. Everyone said "this is your year". They said "they can't continue to overlook you, Bertrice." And foolish me. I listened because I really wanted this to be the cherry on the top of my long career. But they have overlooked me once again, and frankly my feelings have been bruised, and this time I'm not going to be a gracious loser. I have become the Susan Lucci of the Romance genre. Are you all aware that no historical romance author of my ranking has won this award since 1988? What does that say about respect for the ancestors?

I know a lot of you reading this will want to e-mail me with your sympathy. Please don't. I know you care, and I thank the Celestial Actuary for my wonderful readers. I just needed to get out my angst. I'm okay now. Really. I am. Honest!

~ Bertrice

March 9, 2011

Well, dear readers, BOND OF PASSION, the 6th and hopefully final book in "The Border Chronicles" series is done, finished, and gone to my editor, Claire Zion.sure Tom burned the CD. for me, and sent it electronically. Also sent 2 paper copies and a CD. Agent gets paper copy. I am now free for a bit and have a lot of paperwork to catch up with especially the stuff that has to go to the accountant. I've got much of it gathered and ready, but digging out all the stuff for the house we sold last year is proving a pain in the neck. But the IRS will have its day as usual.

I've taken up my duties as the new treasurer of my RWA chapter. I have to admit it's a bit more difficult than my position as treasurer of our property owners association, but only because RWA is a professional organization and must follow the rules and regs. of our friends at the IRS. And then I have to learn to edit electronically. I have about 20 pages of instructions, and its absolutely terrifying. I suspect, however, that once I figure it all out it will probably turn into 3 simple steps. Oh lordy, I hope so!

For now I'm putting it aside until next week when the rest of the "stuff" is done. I would also like to clean my office up. I never let anyone in to vacuum or dust when I deep into the work. And finally when all of the above is done I'll start to read so I may decide on the next series to be written. Any one have a favorite period? Let me know if you do, and I'll consider it. Heading towards St. Patrick's next week.

~ Bertrice


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