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Bertrice Small

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June 29, 2010

The new video for PASSIONATE PLEASURES is up, ladies. Enjoy! And feedback is always appreciated.

~ Bertrice

June 28, 2010

June is almost at an end. Everyone I talk with has noticed that this year seems to be going particularly fast. Anyone else feel it? Cora has graduated 6th grade at Our Lady of Mercy where she's been a student since kindergarten. Camp looms in another 3 weeks. I've done all the name tapes now. The duffle is packed. All that remains is the footlocker, and then it gets sent up to camp. And I've been working on the novellas for next summer's GUILTY PLEASURES anthology. I've got 2 written, and am working on the third. The peas in the garden are finished. The lettuce is done for now. We're going to have beans in another week or so. Lots of flowers on the plants. The tomatoes are doing very well. I have 9 tomatoes on my Early Girl, and about 4 on my Supersteak so far. It's hot and today and the next few days will be humid as well, but who cares after last summer? Hope you are all enjoying the season.

~ Bertrice

June 17, 2010

Dear people, this link will take you to YouTube and a song written by my songwriter son, Tom.


The subject matter is about the plight of the creatures in the Gulf affected by the BP spill. If you like it enough you can go to his website, www.CeilingZero.com and download it for 99 cents. Simply click "listen" at the top of the page, and it is the first song at the top. Feel free to cry. I did.

~ Bertrice

June 13, 2010

We're eating sugar snap peas almost every day. My six plants have produced a bountiful harvest for George and me. And we have lettuce still that's tender and delicious. The carrots aren't doing well right now. I'm going to plant another row and see what happens. I ran into Mrs. Krupski, a local farmer, the other day, and mentioned the carrots. She said hers weren't doing well either. Interesting. Because of our lovely warm spring the strawberries here on the North Fork are sublime this year. The Strawberry Festival is next weekend. I hope when they are older one of my two granddaughters will be crowned Strawberry Queen. The outgoing queen is a girl from our church. And I'm writing just in case you were worrying that I had gone totally bucolic on you. But will somebody please tell me why when everyone else's lawn gets mowed once a week my neighbor across the street has to mow his twice a week. And one of those days is always Sunday?

~ Bertrice

June 8, 2010

My oldest granddaughter, Cora, "graduates" sixth grade next week. In mid-July she is going to spend 4 weeks at my old camp in New England. It's our present to her. At 11 Cora is just right for a first summer at sleep-away camp. She and I have been planning this together for months. It's my project, and frankly I'm having a ball. Tom went to camp for 3 summers starting when he was 11 too. I shopped. I packed. I did name tapes. But it wasn't the same as sending a granddaughter off to my all girls camp. That's tradition, and I'm big on tradition. I've almost done shopping. Next come nametapes. Iron on now so I won't have to sew them like I did for Tom, and like my mom and grandmother did for me. Her fees are paid. The paperwork all done and at camp. Her mom, her little sister and I will take her up. It will be fifty-nine years since I last stood on Campfire Hill. While I know Cora is looking forward to this new adventure, I'm embarrassed to say I think I'm the most excited of the two of us. Stay tuned. You have to know you're going to get updates. LOL!

~ Bertrice

June 5, 2010

I started back to work this week on the sixth book in the Pleasures series. For those of you who don't read me regularly this has been an erotic contemporary series unlike the historicals and fantasies I usually write. Go to the Bookshelf page of this site, and look them up. Book 5 is coming out in August. It's titled PASSIONATE PLEASURES. I hadn't intended doing another of these books. I'm not a particularly contemporary person, but once I created the small town of Egret Pointe I kept finding stories to write. They are both character driven, and erotic. It all started with Nora Buckley whose husband was divorcing her for a younger woman, and he wanted it all. If you read the book you find out that he got just what he deserved instead. The second book was about the town's historical romance author, and how she found love with her new editor, a handsome Irishman. The third book tells you the tale of Egret Pointe's richest woman, Ashley Kimbrough, who discovers that her grandfather's will stipulates if she doesn't marry by 35 she'll lose everything, and so the hunt is on for a husband. Book 4 is the widowed Annie's tale, and how winning a contest sets her on the road to success or ruin depending on how you look at things. Book 5, supposed to be the last of these books, will be in the bookstores in August, and is all about Egret Pointe's oh-so-proper librarian, a descendant of one of the town's founders. Her visits to that inter-active network, The Channel, are very educational.

And that was to be all she wrote. Wrong! NAL wanted more. I said no. And then the idea came to me. So I have begun writing GUILTY PLEASURES which is not the tale of one woman, but 5. It's an anthology of novellas. 4 of the heroines are women - secondary characters - that you have met before in previous titles. The new one is a nanny working for one of the previous heroines. I've already written the first of these novellas, and I know that you are going to enjoy them in the summer of 2011.

~ Bertrice


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