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Bertrice Small

Bertrice's Blog

January 27, 2011

Since those of you who are regulars to my website are aware that I have a husband, a son, a daughter-in-law and 4 grandchildren, I now and again will post something about them. This post is not happy. On Tuesday Tom and Megan visited a legal mediator. They have begun the process of obtaining a No-Fault New York State divorce. These things happen in the best of families. They will share joint custody of the children who are our greatest concern. There is no animosity among any of us. Just sadness.

~ Bertrice

January 18, 2011

It iced in the night. Today is grey and raining. The limbs of the giant oak on my wee front lawn are still covered in a layer of snow which has now frozen. I can see the cracks in the ice made by the rain. It will be dangerous to be beneath it when those chunks of snowy ice begin to fall. Here it is only the middle of January, and I am so past snow and winter. It's dreary and depressing.

Down in Florida my favorite cousin, Jean, died on Saturday. She had been in lousey health these past few years so it was more of a blessing that she was finally able to let go. Her husband, two daughters and granddaughter are relieved, but saddened. Jean was one of those women who seemed to change very little as the years past. I'll always remember the tall, leggy elegant blond with the great sense of humor that she was.

October Historical coming along nicely. With all the sturm und drang of December done with I'm able to write enough pages every day to satisfy myself. Put the Forum back on this site, but am too busy to get there every day. Noticed a lot of old friends back, and they will take care of it for me. I'm a lucky author.

Hope those of you who read my musings are managing to get through the winter successfully too. Confirmations for my granddaughters camp came through this a.m. That's a sure sign of spring somewhere down the road. Will tell girls when they get home from school today. Cora can't wait to get back. Sophia extremely excited to be going. I love doing this for them! It's one of the fun parts of being a grandmother.

~ Bertrice

January 14, 2011

For all you fans of SKYE O'MALLEY, the agreement has been made as of today January 14th 2011 between your most humble author and Random House to get all my Ballantine Book titles in e-Book format as soon as possible. First to come will be SKYE O'MALLEY and ALL THE SWEET TOMORROWS. Keep an eye on this site for the release dates. You will have them as soon as I have them.

~ Bertrice

January 13, 2011

I keep a pretty low profile in the Romance community. For one thing I rarely travel any more. It isn't that I'm anti-social. Far from it. But my husband is elderly now, and can't be left alone. Out here in the country it's difficult to find a babysitter for an octagenarian. I avoid the links open to writers of romance. They can get controversial, and since I'm a woman of strong opinions it's better I don't get involved. But despite the fact I'm called "a legend", and an "icon" within the Romance community I have, it seems, become a forgotten woman.

Part of this, of course, is due to the fact that the Romance genre has burgeoned since 1978 when my first novel, THE KADIN, saw the light of day. We are no longer just historicals, Harlequins, and Cartland. There are at least a dozen or more sub-genres within Romance now. And I no longer write just Historicals. I do Fantasy and Erotic Contemporary as well although the Historicals remain my favorites. And there was a day when I knew everyone who did what I do. Now I don't even recognize most of the names. Ouch! However these days when anyone does an article for RWR, RT or some other industry related publication no one solicits my opinion. I have to admit that my feelings are hurt by this. So just so there is no mis-understanding about it Bertrice Small is alive, has been published consecutively since 1978, and is still writing. In other words: I'M STILL HERE!

~ Bertrice

January 11, 2011

Almost 2 weeks ago my year and a half old PC wouldn't open Windows. We did all the tricks required to coax it open but no luck. So out I went to Best Buy to get a new PC. It's loaded with Windows 7, but not being a techie I don't particularly care as long as it doesn't annoy me, and does what I need it to do. Unfortunately I must wait for the Geek Squad to come, and set it up properly. In the meantime "things" keep popping up asking to be downloaded. I send them packing. Let the Geek Squad download them. One of them refuses to be deleted until the Geek Squad comes, but I remain steadfast.

However I cannot get to my home page. I cannot access my Twitter page. Windows 7 has Bing and so far I can't get to anything without Bing giving me pages of possible references none of which are what I need. I know that there is a simple solution for that but the Geek Squad will have to find it. My appointment with them is tomorrow, Wednesday January 12th between 8 a.m. and noon. Eastern Long Island is scheduled for a major snow storm starting Tuesday night, the height of which is set for - you guessed it - between 8 a.m. and noon Wednesday. Do Geeks have dog sleds? Here's hoping!

~ Bertrice


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