December 2014
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Bertrice Small

Foreign Editions

To My Readers:

I should like to offer my overseas readers the opportunity to know which of my titles is published or has been published in their countries. Each language currently available has its own page. The books are listed with the "foreign" title first, and the English language title opposite it. I have not the means to put in the proper accents used for prononciation in the various languages, nor could I do the Russian titles in Russian because their alphabet is different than the one used for English. While I have a working knowledge of French, Italian and Spanish, I may not have correctly interpreted the flowery lettering in the other languages listed. If you know that I have made an error with a title, please contact me so it can be corrected.

I have at least one title each sold into Latvia and Bulgaria, but I have not received copies of these books so I cannot list them. I find it interesting that some countries have published some of the series books, but not all of them. I will attempt to get that corrected.

I hope you will enjoy these pages, and that they will prove of use to you. God bless!


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