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Bertrice Small

Bertrice's Blog

November 29, 2010

My dear readers: Long time reader Alana Caldwell has e-mailed me today to tell me her e-book of THE KADIN was missing the last chapter, and had many errors. I have informed Avon Books and they are looking into it. But my advice to you all is that if your e-book is missing the last chapter return it! I promised you that last chapter, Avon promised me it would be in the e-book, and so if it isn't don't pay for something you didn't get. I will let you know when the situation is straightened out by posting on this bulletin board and on Twitter. While I am not responsible for this error my name is on the book, and so I want to tender my faithful readers my apologies.

~ Bertrice

November 26, 2010

My dear readers, I need your opinions. Do you have a Kindle, a Nook, a Sony e-reader or similar device? And if you do what are the pros and cons of your reader? I saw the Kindle at Staples the other day. I thought the keyboard on the cheaper one difficult to read, and pretty much so on the larger version as well. I would like some honest feedback from people using them. e-mail me at bertricesmall@hotmail.com. Thanks.

~ Bertrice

November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving to all my readers and friends.

~ Bertrice

November 17, 2010

Being a woman with 2 left feet I take my Dancing With The Stars pretty seriously. I realize how much work goes into what becomes a wonderful entertainment 2 seasons a year. I know I couldn't do it which is why I have so much respect for ordinary people like Bristol Palin. That said, however, I must also say that the people voting for Ms.Palin week after week have done so at the expense of some excellent dancers who got great judges scores, but were felled by the onslaught of votes for a weak dancer. The final blow came tonight when the delicious Maks and his partner became the latest victims of Ms. Palin. Frankly I had looked forward to a final pitting Maks and Brandy against Derek and Jennifer. Their free-style dances promised to be epic. The best since Drew Lachey and Cheryl's "Save a Horse. Ride a Cowboy" We won't get to see that now. The season has been spoiled for me, and I expect for a lot of others.

~ Bertrice

November 7, 2010

I don't like Daylight Savings Time. What exactly am I "saving"? The government in its usual wisdom says I am saving energy by saying 1 o'clock is 2 o'clock or vice- versa. What typical bureaucratic twaddle. There are 24 hours in the day, people. Those hours are divided into light and dark depending on the time of year, your location on this globe, and the position of the planet itself at that time in relation to the sun. The government has nothing to do with any of these factors.

I don't turn on lights until I can't see without a lamp. I don't turn on the heat in the autumn until it gets cold, usually in mid to late October. All common sense. So what exactly am I saving again? There are places on this earth that have daylight almost 24 hours long in summer; and places that will not see the sun from mid-November until mid-February. No man-made edicts responsible for any of that.

The government wants to save "energy"? How about turning off all the bright lights in every tall office building in every city on this earth after the cleaning crew has finished at night. Not all of these buildings are on a 24/7 schedule. Leave the flashing warning lights at the top of the buildings on of course. I remember NYC in a day when it was like that. And frankly it was better.

Whatever the government says the planet will take its natural course. At the end of December the hours of daylight in the day will be growing again. By the end of January more light, and each month that follows more until mid-Summer's day in late June when the cycle begins to reverse itself once again just as its been doing for eons. The government, like King Canute trying to tell the sea to go back, can't order the light or the dark to go or stay. The planet answers to a higher authority.

~ Bertrice

November 6, 2010

I've finally attained my second childhood. Today the shiney red 3 wheel bike I ordered in August was delivered. It's American made by the way. Right here on Long Island. And I've discovered to my great surprise that mounting a bike isn't as easy as it once was. Turns out my arthritic knees just want to ache. Bending when I lift them to get on the bike is a whole different ballgame. Bending to reach the petals falls into the same catagory. But I expect after I've worked out my kinks it will be alright. I've been very much looking forward to riding down the block to Neighbor Emily's. Will keep you all filled in on my progress. By the way these bikes are expensive. Told George he has bought me a anniversary/birthday/Christmas gift. Now my littlest grandson and I have something in common. Little red trykes! LOL!

~ Bertrice

October 30, 2010

For some October 31st is Halloween or All Hallows Eve. For me it is Samhein (pronounced Sow-wane). While I am a Christian I have great respect for the 4 Celtic high holy days celebrated by my ancestors, and I celebrate them too. I am Irish, Scots and Welsh by blood descent. When the Christian church entered into the Celtic world it co-opted those days. Since I see no harm in them I continue to recognize them in my own 21st century way.

Samhein celebrates the end of the year as the Celtic peoples knew it. The long harvest which began in August was finally in, the fields gleaned of all they could give up, wood for the coming cold and darkness chopped or being chopped. Foodstuffs were salted and preserved for the lean months ahead. It was a time of drawing in after a long year. It was believed that on the last day of the year the doors between the two worlds were opened so the ancestors could return briefly to visit and be celebrated and thanked.

As the last rays of the October 31st sun set the bondfires all over the Celtic world sprang up as a symbol of the light that would never fail. There was feasting, drinking, and general merriment throughout the entire night and the fires were kept burning until the sun rose the following day which was the first day of the New Year.

I've always thought celebrating a new year in the midst of winter an odd thing. It never feels right to me. But Samhein does. Ancestral memory? It must be. And so dear readers and friends as the old year ends I wish you all a wonderful new year ahead of peace and prosperity. May the wishes granted you be as many as the seeds of the pomegrante to quote a Samhein prayer. The Celestial Actuary bless us and our families and old Mother Earth in the days, weeks and months to come.

~ Bertrice

October 25, 2010

Avon has changed release date of THE KADIN & LOVE WILD AND FAIR. It's now November 16th.

~ Bertrice

October 19, 2010

My dears, exciting news! As of October 26th you can get THE KADIN and LOVE WILD AND FAIR in e-format. It's been Kindlized, and other e-formats will follow. And...drum roll please! This edition of THE KADIN will have the missing last chapter that only the English Severn House edition and the Rhapsody Book club edition had. The Avon paperback never had it although I hope they will add it to any future printings now. Mark your calendars. OCTOBER 26TH! THE KADIN and LOVE WILD AND FAIR available for your e-readers.

And SKYE will be coming soon from Ballantine.

~ Bertrice

October 16, 2010

For those of you seeking books in The World of Hetar series, and unwilling to wait until 2012 for the mass market reprint of these 6 titles, why not try www.redhousebookstore.com. I've checked the site, and the prices seem reasonable.

~ Bertrice

October 12, 2010

Victory at last for my 15 year old grandson who suffers from Aspbergers Syndrome and is bi-Polar. Our local school board has agreed with the medical/mental assessment that he needs to be in a special school for kids with his disability that is located up in Connecticut. I am both relieved and thrilled. Kids like Chandler have to be taught differently because as I like to put it their brains are wired differently. They are, however, extremely bright kids, but without learning, among other things, the social signals we take for granted, that intellect can be wasted. Thank you all for your prayers and good wishes, dear readers.

~ Bertrice

October 6, 2010

Being human I like to think that I am better than those benighted fools who go around committing random acts of violence for one weird reason or another. But the truth is on occasion I am just as capable of nastiness as anyone. Here is the reason for my current rant.

Americans consider themselves a civilized nation. However sometimes I think we are too civilized. Yesterday a man named Faisal Shahzad was convicted in Federal Court of bringing a bomb in a truck into Times Square in NYC. His intent was that the truck would blow up killing and injuring many. Because this guy was a moron the bomb was incorrectly put together and didn't go off. An alert vendor in the area noticed the truck standing where it shouldn't be parked for too long, and alerted the NYC police. A terrible tragedy was averted as you all know. The moron Shahzad was quickly caught, tried, and yesterday convicted to life in prison.

Hello? Life in prison? Well aren't we just the most civilized folks. Here's where I go postal. For the next 30 to 40 years the moron Shahzad will be housed, clothed, fed, and live a generally decent life with all the best medical attention, an excercise room, and a library where he may take out law books in order to appeal his conviction or even get a college degree. Meanwhile decent American citizens are losing their homes, jobs, unemployment benefits in a recession. People are going hungry. Not lazy worthless people, ordinary people come on hard times. But none of this will affect the moron Shahzad in his prison. Those who count themselves among our enemies for whatever reason must be laughing themselves silly right now.

My solution? Upon his conviction the terrorist Faisal Shahzad should have been taken immediately from the courthouse in lower Manhattan up to Times Square where a gibbet would have already been constructed. And there he would be hung by the neck until dead in full public view. This naturalized American was a traitor. Traitors should be hung. And any of his family remaining in this country should be stripped of their citizenships, and sent back to Pakistan.

This man should not be allowed to live off the taxpayer while our own citizens suffer. It's really just that simple. Maybe not civilized, but the U.S. of A.'s message should be clear. PISS ME OFF. PAY THE CONSEQUENCES.

~ Bertrice

October 1, 2010

My dear readers:

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, and my publisher, Penguin USA, is offering special mass market editions from 8 of their women authors in support of the fight against this terrible disease. Your most humble author, Bertrice Small, is very proud to have been included among the privileged 8. You will find the Signet Eclipse edition of A DANGEROUS LOVE, the first book in my "Border Chronicles" with its Read Pink logo in stores this October.

Other Penguin authors participating in this fight against breast cancer are Nora Roberts, Jayne Ann Krentz, Christina Dodd, Madeline Hunter, Jodi Thomas, Catherine Anderson and Catherine Coulter.

Penguin USA will be donating $25,000. to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Please buy a book with the Read Pink logo, and join with some of your favorite authors, and our publisher in this fight. We also invite you to contribute to your favorite breast cancer charity as well. Women helping other women. And this is a fight we're going to win!

~ Bertrice


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